Love, Passion, and Truth.

I am truly in love with photographing people's love stories, their engagements and weddings. 

I thank God for granting me the patience to finally figure out what my true passion in life is or at least, what I hope is. I am faithfully challenging myself to pursue my passion each and everyday, some way, some how, as an engagement and wedding photographer. 

I strive to help create an Engaged! adventure just for you; one that hopefully evokes emotion and attitude that fits your lifestyle and relationship. I strive each time to better tell your love story, your wedding through the process of photography. My creativity, my style of photography focuses on your lifestyle, the way you move and interact with the love of your life. 

For me, I love to capture the true emotions of the day, the tears, the joys, the laughter... to reminisce of those memories of love shared on a day that started a lifetime.


The Capture

Capturing the love of two people, a love story truly unique to them through the process of engagement and wedding photography. I love getting to know each and every couple and trying to create an adventure and love story unique to them. 

It is not posing, nor looking for perfect posture...It is not even the looking at the camera. It is the interacting, the display of the love two people have for each other on a day that starts a lifetime... that is why I am a an engagement and wedding photographer.


Reinventing Gusto

Why is that when you have pure gusto, so that enjoyment, zeal, satisfaction, and enthusiasm for something, well, for me anyway, it becomes of subsequent nature to those things that just pay the bills. I am not here to generate excuses nor justify any reasoning on my deficiency of pursuing my faithful passion in life, but I am here more so to reinvent a means to ensure my passion is ever-present.


I am here in hope to capture that emotion you never want to forget or miss, something that activates genuine sensations in the brain, bringing back old memories, while arising those new ones you never knew existed. I am faithfully in love with photographing weddings.  I strive to incorporate true emotion into my photographic purpose, capturing those natural, spontaneous moments. I am here in hope to go all-out – to strive, struggle, and succeed – to assure truthful sensation and satisfaction for others and to reinvent gusto as a photographer.