Mai + Cheng, Engaged!
Bashful, Yet Daring Together
Minnehaha Park, Minnesota

It was quite breezy that afternoon. Nature was boldly exposing her bright autumn colors through the park that day. That's probably what attracted so many people to Minnehaha Park that afternoon despite the cold breeze through the air.

As Mai and Cheng arrived at the park, we had begun our adventure where most people would take photos, the 53-foot waterfall. I tell my clients that the more adventurous they are, there is more potential the photos will be worth more personally and emotionally to them. So instead of standing on the bridge and doing the basics, we hopped the fence and got close.

Mai and Cheng definitely had lots of exuberance that breezy afternoon, almost more than I could keep up with. Their energy helped mask their bashfulness throughout, always smiling and laughing, a great mechanism to help with shyness!

"For majority of the time we walked side by side and I wanted him to hold my hand so bad, but was waiting for him to make the move first. I think I tried to show little hints by walking closer to him or trying to brush my hands near him but that didn't seem to work. After waiting and passively trying, I decided that I should just go for it and asked him if we could hold hands. I think he was pretty taken aback but was open to the idea. I felt pretty excited, happy and nervous but throughly enjoyed holding hands for the first time." - Mai

"I knew what Mai’s response was going to be already but the 3-5 seconds that she took to respond was one of the longest 3-5 seconds I remember. When she finally said yes I was so happy I put the ring on the closest hand I could grab, which was her right hand. Afterward I stopped to think and realize I might have put the ring on the wrong hand. I asked Mai which hand was I supposed to but the ring on, we both didn’t know which hand was the engagement ring supposed to be on and so we kept it on the right hand that night." - Cheng