Bai + Sen
Beautiful blue skies, snow, and later, even a sunset.
Woodbury Church of Christ, Woodbury, MN
March 3rd, 2018

It was a beautiful sunny day. It was a little chilly, but nothing a true Minnesotan couldn't handle. As I got closer to the Woodbury Church of Christ, the snow got deeper, but also clean and white. It was a beautiful backdrop for Bai and Sen's wedding.

We start the day off with Bai and Sen's first look. Of course, to take advantage of the beautiful scenery, we did the reveal out in the snow. Bai remembered her boots but forgot to mention it to Sen. Luckily for us, Sen had the same size feet as me, so I lent him mine and I taped garbage bags around my shoes to stay dry (I'm so glad no one got a photo of that). They definitely had some bright smiles and plenty of laughter. Some of the laughter came from Bai stumbling around in the snow. It was pretty deep so I give her props for hauling her dress through it all.

We ventured around just for a tad bit... Bai and her bridesmaids were definitely cold. You could see them shivering a little since their shoulder's were bare. Thanks ladies for being tough. I made Sen and his groomsmen stay out a bit longer. I didn't feel too bad for them since they had long sleeves and mine were rolled up.

It was a wonderful, intimate ceremony. Bai had some laughs, Sen had some tears. They made for a perfect match. After the ceremony, we ventured outside to enjoy the sunset. It was great seeing the Thao family again! Thanks for the honor!