Mai + Cheng
A Love of Gardens and Forests
Minneapolis, Minnesota
September 10th, 2017

When I met Mai and Cheng for the first time last year, they were a quiet couple, more modest and to themselves. I think most of us are a little shy when we first meet someone new. I think it's a matter of making a good first impression whether you benefit from the encounter with that person or not. During our engagement adventure at Minnehaha Park, I remember them telling me they felt a little awkward at first with a camera in front of them. Again, who isn't (that's why I'm behind one and not the other way around). I think near the end of the engagement adventure, they definitely started to come around.

Fast forward to their wedding day, Mai and Cheng were both quite more open and relaxed then the first time we met. It was my first time (technically second but I don't count the scouting around) at Leopold's Mississippi Gardens. The location is set on a hill overlooking the Mississippi River in the northern part of Minneapolis. As I entered, I was taken back at how beautiful the venue was - crystal chandeliers, beautiful wood beam ceilings, walls of windows, and much more. I could see why Mai and Cheng picked this place for their special day.

I always encourage the couples I meet to invest in both engagement and wedding photography especially with the same photographer. The engagement session is a window into the style of both the photographer and the couple - ensuring that there is a good working relationship before the big day. It is even more important especially if you think you're going to be more awkward, tense, or nervous in front of a camera. I think it paid off!

They both have a sense of adventure. When it came down to both their engagement adventure and wedding day, they were willing to nearly do anything that came to mind. We went off the trails at Minnehaha Park, feet away from the falls, for their engagement and nearly jumped into the Mississippi River on their wedding day. Okay... maybe not literally jumped in but Cheng wanted to carrying his wife into the river (I'm just so glad he didn't drop her in the water). We also had one of the groomsmen bring his small canoe for them to enjoy a moment or two in the river. I'm so glad no one got a photo of me in my t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes while standing in the river. As we headed back inside, I saw the sunsetting at the top of the hill...

Congrats you two, I enjoyed every moment! I hope you did too.