Shiazong + Nou Soua
A Remembering Gold Metal Park Wedding
Minneapolis + Saint Paul, Minnesota

It was a beautiful June morning. Nou Soua and myself were preparing for the first look at the top of the hill of Gold Metal Park. It was definitely a warm morning, we were both sweating a bit. Nou Soua probably more so because of the first look. Just then, Shiazong arrived and began her ascent up the circular path to Nou Soua. Shiazong covered his eyes, Nou Soua took a deep breath and...

"The day Nou Soua proposed, he took us to one of our usual areas we love to go walking. This was the area around Stone Arch Bridge where we always end up at Gold Metal Park. This was the spot where he told me he liked me as well as asked me out... " - Shiazong

"The day I proposed, I was nervous. I took Shiazong to get some food so we could have our picnic at the park. I remember Shiazong looking beautiful wearing her colorful dress. We reflected on our year and praised God for how far we've come. When I decided to propose, I wanted Shiazong to feel surprised so I told her to close her eyes..." - Nou Soua

It was definitely a beautiful park you two. I am glad we had the time to capture all that we did there especially since that is where it all began for your love story.