Emma + Timothy
Loving to Kiss
Saint Anthony Main, Minnesota

It was a gorgeous Saturday evening at Saint Anthony Main, everyone was out, either walking, biking, eating or just enjoying the beautiful weather. It is definitely a popular place in Minneapolis where many people go just to hang out. I ran into several people with cameras also taking photos of couples and even a wedding that night. We started our adventure at Aster Cafe, a small local, candle-lit restaurant-bar overlooking the Mississippi River. This was one of Emma and Timothy's regular spots to just grab a drink and relax... and a kiss to start off the adventure.

We continued down toward the theater where they happened to kiss again and again while we stumbled upon a quiet spot beyond the bridge. They definitely were not shy kissing one another in public! We made our way back past the theater and crossed the street to catch a view of the Mississippi River (where they also stopped to catch a kiss or two). We ventured toward an area nestled down closer to the river while stopping on a bridge to get a few shots of the beautiful surroundings. And yes, they kissed again!

We moved on, to yet another bridge over looking the river and the Stone Arch Bridge. This is where they cracked open their Le Contesse Prosecco and had a glass or two. They shared a short dance together and yet another kiss. They threw on their college football t-shirts - of course to show support for their favorite team - but, also to create that tense rivalry between one another. It was Duke versus Iowa... sorry Tim, I think Duke won.

The adventure continues as a black tie and blue dress event... with, you guess it, more kissing!