Jenny + Mom
Fun strolling through the city with matching pink sunglasses, dandelions, and bubbles
Minneapolis, MN

We started our stroll through the city at The Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot, where Jenny's mom was staying for the wedding. She came from across the globe for her daughter's wedding, so this photo session was just that more important than ever to capture just right and to have fun. Originally, we were supposed to go to a farmer's market near the hotel, but we got the wrong week (but right day at least). So, we just decided to take a stroll through the city towards the Stone Arch Bridge and Mill Ruins Park.

As we strolled along, Jenny's mom would always put on the matching pink sunglasses - you can definitely notice that she really loved those sunglasses - especially since Jenny had to remind her to take them off every so often.

Right from the beginning, Jenny's mom (you've probably noticed I haven't used her name yet, I think it's more personable - she also didn't seem to mind), would give her a kiss on the cheek, leaving behind a lipstick implant of her kiss. You could tell Jenny got embarrassed at first, but later on, she didn't seem to care as much. They both also loved to make funny faces at each other and pull on each other's cheeks - something that seemed reminiscent of when Jenny was a kid.

As we continued our stroll towards the Stone Aarch Bridge, we came upon a small patch of grass with whites of dandelions scattered throughout. You could see some excitement fill Jenny's face as we stopped to pick them for a photo op. The dandelions flew!

To end the evening, we strolled down toward the other side of the bridge where Jenny and her mom sat to blow some bubbles - all while wearing those matching pink sunglasses.