Rachel + John, Engaged!
Laughter and Romance, A North Shore Picnic
North Shore, Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota

It was nearly a four hour drive to get to the North Shore - I would say one of the most beautiful areas in Minnesota. When you get far enough north past all the small towns, all you see for miles is God's country and once you near the North Shore, you see the beautiful great lake, Superior, on your right. It is a sight to see, such beauty!

As I was driving alongside Lake Superior on Highway 61, I turned onto this dirt road toward the water, there was this Park - Kitchi Gammi - it had one of the best views of the lake. As you stood on the rocky beach, the sun was at the east and at the west, the water looked as if dropped off past a beautiful row of clouds. It was a spot Rachel was hoping I could find, I am glad I did!

It was my first time meeting John. He was an easy going, well-spoken young marine. It was my second time meeting Rachel - I saw such happiness and comfort as she was around John. It was easy to capture the love they had for each - so much laughter and romance.

"Towards my first few months in Beaufort, Rachel came down to visit for Valentine's weekend. It was our first time alone and away together. We visited the beach and drove around site attractions, it was a very memorable time in our relationship." - John

"After 2 weeks of knowing each other, we went to the movie's...Of course, I was super nervous and shy - it was our first date! But that moment we held hands, it made me feel comfortable and at ease. During the movies, John made cute little gestures to be all lovey dovey with me... He tried so hard to win me over that night. At the end of the movie, he did win our first kiss during the credits..." - Rachel