Youa + Koman
A Wedding Day Filled with Roses and Romance
Saint Paul Hotel + Landmark Center, Saint Paul, Minnesota
May 27th, 2017

I first met Youa and Koman back in July of 2016 when we first talked about having me possibly photography their special day. I usually like showing up early before the couple to prepare and just relax, but, to my surprise, they were already there waiting - probably like 15-30 minutes early! I think we got along fairly quickly, making the consultation go as smoothly and successful as it did. About a week later, they hired me as their photographer.

Our first adventure began before the wedding at Interstate Park, Wisconsin, for their engagement adventure. The three of us decided to car pool - making for a great opportunity to get to know one another. It was surprisingly my first trip to Interstate Park, so we ventured through not knowing what was ahead. We climbed the hills and combed through the woods, making for a good walk - I ran a bit to attempt a long distance shot as they stayed put - all while getting tired feet. It was a blast!

I always keep an eye out for the weather especially the weekend right before Memorial Day. It always seems to rain, however this time it stayed dry and sunny (at least on Saturday). I arrived around 8:30 AM to get the lay of the land and prepare my gear for the day. After the rehearsal was over around 10 o'clock, it was time to capture the day...

Again, a first for me, the day started at The Saint Paul Hotel, in the Ambassador Suite, with the bride and bridesmaids, Nhia from Nhia Xiong Photography, and Tim and Hannah from Snowshoe Productions. There was definitely enough for a party! As the ladies were getting ready, Nhia shadowed me throughout the day to experience one of her first full weddings. Shadowing is an excellent idea for anyone not experienced with weddings. Because if you miss anything, it's the other guy who takes responsibility - in this wedding, me.

I try to document the day as it unfolds while still capturing the details. The hotel was definitely classically romantic with its crystal chandeliers and ornate marble columns throughout the lobby. The added bonus for the lobby was the burning fireplace... kind of odd for a warm day but made for some beautiful moments. We continued our way up to the suite to capture Youa preparing for her special day. While hanging in the background was the gorgeous wedding dress she was waiting to put on.

Before Youa could put on her dress, we made our way down to Koman in the gentlemen's room four floors down. They definitely have it a lot easier than the ladies (thats probably why the ladies got the suite and the guys didn't).

The bridesmaids were now helping Youa put on her beautiful gown. There was plenty of happiness in the air... for she was that much closer for her reveal before her groom... a moment that usually sheds a tear or two.

Since the bride and groom didn't have an idea for what they wanted for their reveal, I was keeping an eye out for something unique and beautiful, something just different while fitting it into their wedding story. I had a couple of locations in mind but ultimately came back to an idea that involved the stairway in the Landmark Center...

...I hope you enjoy these moments. I also hope you are not disappointed in the vision I had with your reveal. Congratulations Youa and Koman! Thank you for allowing me to capture your wedding story. May God bless you both forevermore!