Lisa + Meng
A Roses are Red Wedding
Saint Paul Hmong Alliance Church, Maplewood, Minnesota

It was a breezy, chilly April morning. The sun was out, peering through the clouds, trying to warm up the day. We ventured out only once to get a few shots of the bride and groom until the bride started shaking. Thanks for the effort! (It was definitely easier for Meng and I since we had a few layers of clothing on).

Thank you Lisa and Meng for allowing me into your beautiful day to capture these emotional moments. It was a pleasure to see the wonderful emotions coming from the bride and groom that many beautiful smiles and tears!

"As Meng got down on his knees, he began crying even before he finished asking me if I would marry him. I have never seen Meng cry in our 2 years of dating. But as he got down on his knees and began crying, I just could not believe this day finally arrived. " - Lisa

"For in that moment all that mattered to me was the vulnearblity we shared with each other that made that night so special." - Lisa