MC + Kevin
A vintage inspired wedding, a calm and cool bride, a Minnesota cold wind, and a kiss in front of the city.
Minneapolis Event Centers, The Riverside, Minnesota
November 5th, 2017

It was my first time photographing a wedding at the Minneapolis Event Centers, so I decided to research the venue a little. I was definitely excited after seeing some photos of the venue. I arrived at the venue a little early to scout around... along with Amy from Dainty Meadows Photography.

I had met Amy a few months prior to the wedding during a meet and greet. We talked for over an hour about aspects of photography, specifically wedding photography. She mentioned she never photographed a full wedding day so I invited her along as a second shooter to experience it. And here we are now, scouting around outside the Minneapolis Events Center... Oh boy, it was chilly outside that day in November. I'm just glad MC and Kevin were up for a few moments outside... some of my favorite photos came from that brief instance in the cold.

We started the day by exploring the bride's room, along with some of the details like the dress, shoes, and rings. All the ladies especially the bride were all so relaxed that day. Usually most weddings start off a little calm and end a bit more hectic, but not this wedding. MC was calm the entire day...or at least until she got outside for a few brief moments. You could see her shiver... Kevin was a gentleman though, and gave her his suit coat.

Back when I first met MC and Kevin over coffee, actually, I think I had a sparkling tea... we talked about some wedding details. They spoke of their food menu a little and mentioned a nine course meal and a donut desert table. I nearly almost offered to photograph their wedding for free... because I love food especially donuts!

A couple more things... Amy, I hope you enjoyed the experience and learned a little bit more, providing value to your photography career. It was a pleasure and I hope we can work together in the future. Oh, MC and Kevin, I loved your rock, paper, scissors moment during the ceremony... You two were a riot and hoot to work with! I hope you enjoy these!