Lucy + Sam, Engaged!
Where It All Began
Bethel University, Saint Paul, Minnesota

It was near dusk, the sun was waking over the trees. A beautiful day set forth our adventure at Bethel University in Saint Paul, Minnesota - the very place Lucy and Sam first began their loving, fun relationship they have now.

As a photographer, I recommend couples to incorporate two important elements into their engagement adventures - the golden hour and meaning! The golden hour can be sunrise or sunset, equally gorgeous, while having a meaningful significance for your relationship in the location of your photography adventure. You are typically more comfortable with each other and the camera - while bringing greater and more sincere emotion to the adventure!

Lucy and Sam took both my recommendations by getting up bright and early for sunrise while choosing a location where their relationship blossomed, grew, and continues. Lucy and Sam seemed so comfortable where they were... you can tell there was much love, fun, and quiet intimate moments there.

"I hid my ring box inside my jacket and we went about reminiscing the spots that we treasured. I went up and told lucy to wait while I was “talking” to my boss but I wrote lucy a letter, telling her how beautiful and wonderful she is. Afterwards we left outside and went to the place we first announced our relationship. I told lucy that we should go reenact it and I handed Lucy the letter and when she finished, I got down on one knee and asked Lucy to be my love forever." - Sam