Nalee + Toufukong
She wrecked her dress!
Hudson, Wisconsin

I walked a little over a mile of trails to get to the falls at Willow River State Park in Wisconsin. The weather was next to perfect. The sun was gleaming strong... there was just a slight chill in the air though. Nalee and Toufukong were waiting anxiously for me to arrive at the falls. I had kind of gotten lost along the way so they definitely beat me there.

It has been nearly a year since I photographed their wedding day. This was kind of like an anniversary adventure while trying to have fun wrecking her dress. They were both pretty adventurous and were willing to climb throughout the falls while getting soaked along the way. You could definitely see how cold they were that day... thanks for being such good sports!

Near the end of our adventure, as we were heading down the rocks near the falls, Toufukong slipped and had a slight tumble. I'm glad you're okay. We all had to be extra careful, the rocks were pretty slippery - we all had a few slips here and there but nothing like Toufukong's tumble. We all made it out in one piece. It was a blast! If only I could have made the day a little bit warmer for you two.