The Engaged!

These are meant to have a sense of adventure... something with attitude, laughter, romance... something that sheds a little light into your relationship. I want you to take me on an adventure, to show me what you love... to eat, drink, play, go, do together. Do you love to hike, play sports, drink coffee, dress up and walk through downtown, take a drive in your convertible, get lost in the woods... It's only limited to your mind. It can be local or somewhere hours away, just be prepared to have me annoy you for the entire time! 

Now what? What do I wear? How do we do this? Well, that's also kind of up to you (and me creatively). I WANT YOU TO BE JUST YOU! Wear what you would normally wear while going hiking, or out to eat somewhere fancy, or something lazy if you want to have something more relaxing and intimate at home. I will give you my two cents if you want it. Just remember, I want it to be about you and not me, but with a balance of my creativity as well.

Don't be afraid to hit me up and ask questions. I'm probably somewhere with caffeine rearing to go.    




I am currently in the process of REVAMPING EVERYTHING!! To find my gusto as a wedding photographer... stay tuned. 


Lily + Michael

So... who do you think is the better team, the Iowa Hawkeyes or the Wisconsin Badgers? I would safely assume Lily would say the Wisconsin Badgers and Michael, the Iowa Hawkeyes, but I could be wrong. I just think they have the wrong shirts on or i don't know my college football teams (which is most likely the case). I would say they couldn't have picked a better place to live than in the heart of Minneapolis since it's home to the U.S. Bank Stadium, the TCF Stadium, Target Field, and Target Center. 

I met up with Lily and Michael at their high rise condo to see their rivalry in action while admiring the beautiful view of downtown Minneapolis. I got a little dizzy when I was on their balcony - it's only fourteen or fifteen floors up - getting a shot of the Minneapolis skyline. I have to admit that I have a slight fear of heights, but that won't necessarily stop me from getting the shot that I need or want. Nearly neighbors to the U.S. Bank Stadium, the next part of their journey is a walk along St. Anthony Main. 

As we strolled alongside the cafes, restaurants, and shops St. Anthony Main has to offer, we came upon a bridge's underpass, which at that moment, it began to rain. We ventured toward this arched opening, beyond the railing and hopped over, to our very own surprise, a personal musician playing the guitar. I stepped back a bit so they could have a little intimacy to dance and embrace. I have only one regret... not getting a photo of the guitarist. He was long gone when I realized I wanted a photo of him. The adventure continues...

Jenny + Bill

Have you ever seen those pillow fight photo sessions where all the feathers go flying everywhere? Well, Jenny sure did because that's what she wanted to do with Bill for part of their engagement adventure. She definitely wanted to have some fun! When I arrived at their place in Minneapolis, Bill had already cracked open a beer to loosen up a bit (apparently he says that he's one tense dude). After this session, I would definitely recommend a beer or a glass of champagne (Jenny had the champagne) to help loosen up... It showed with all the fun thy had!

I tend to start things off a little slow... meaning, I converse more than use my camera. I believe the whole relationship building and talking help make things more comfortable, which results in more interesting and meaningful photos. They definitely got the hang of things pretty quickly... Jenny was just too excited to do her pillow fight with Bill. We ventured toward their bedroom... With the exposed brick wall to the right, along with the high, exposed ceilings made the space dramatic as you entered through the sliding, custom-made barn door... It definitely was the right room for the pillow fight. Bill cut a small hole in one of the pillows... the fight was underway!

I would have never guessed at the amount of feathers inside of that pillow... they only emptied half of one pillow during their pillow fight and we had just a ridiculous amount of feathers everything. It truly was fun to photograph... you can just see how happy and entertained they were throughout it. The feathers literally got everywhere! I couldn't have asked for more from them too.

We then ventured out to the Stone Arch Bridge for some laughs looking out toward the sunset and took a stroll along the boardwalk by Mill City Ruins with Jenny's pretty little red shoes on. At the end of it, Bill mentioned he didn't know what to expect from this session, while not looking forward to spending a good two hours posing for photos... Let's just say, he didn't realize he was going to have so much fun and actually enjoy the two hours of photos at the end of it all!
Thanks Bill for being such a riot with Jenny... I think she appreciated it too!