For me, I love to capture the true emotions of the day, the tears, the joys, the laughter... 




your photographer...



Reinventing Gusto

Why is that when you have pure gusto, so that enjoyment, zeal, satisfaction, and enthusiasm for something, well, for me anyway, it becomes of subsequent nature to those things that just pay the bills. I am not here to generate excuses nor justify any reasoning on my deficiency of pursuing my faithful passion in life, but I am here more so to reinvent a means to ensure my passion is ever-present. I am here to reinvent as your photographer!


These are to have a sense of adventure... something with attitude, laughter, romance... 

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I am here not to photograph for myself but for you! I am here to take an adventure, to get to know you a tad bit, and create some laughs and maybe some tears. I AM HERE FOR YOU. I am here in hopes to reinvent the photography experience.  


Every love story is unique... Let me capture yours!



These sessions are to inspire you, to go all out, and to make an adventure together! You might be celebrating an engagement, anniversary, or just for the fun of it... your investment starts at $250.00 for one and a half hours and three prints... If you want to go on a road trip, let's have some coffee and talk more about your fun-filled adventure!

Your Wedding Day typically is for most of the day starting at 6 hours for $1,200.00 and can run 14 hours for $2,400.00. It all depends on what you want out of it. I would always love to go over more of the details over some caffeine. 

All packages include: wedding day coverage, flash drive, photo release, online gallery, and prints.*

*The number of hours and prints vary based upon your personalized quote. 


This is where clients can find their fun, crazy filled adventures! 



Brian Rappold, Your Photographer

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