I don’t always get to say this, or actually, I never to get say this... I can’t believe that the bride made both of her wedding gowns by hand?! Pachia made two gowns, one for the ceremony and the other for the reception. Meng mentioned he liked the reception gown a tad more. We should ask him why. I think they were both equally impressive. The groom also had some rad details that I appreciated just as much including the custom leather cognac suspenders the groomsmen and ring bearer wore to the nifty custom imported bowties the gentlemen sported. I wanted a pair of those suspenders for myself!

As you entered the Lath House, you probably stared in awe at the wisteria that hung above head as you walked down the main aisle of the ceremony. The Lath House was already a beautiful space, but it was that special personal touch Pachia wanted to add… I could see why! I have to say thank you to The Gardens of Castle Rock for allowing such an addition.

This year I met many wonderful couples, which brought many wonderful weddings. Having a daughter myself, weddings are that much more special for me to be a part of. This year however, brought an abundance of happy yet tearing moments. Pachia was one of several brides this year to have lost her father before he could walk her down the aisle. If that wasn’t tearing enough, Pachia lost not only one father but two whom were present in her life. The tears rolled down my cheek. This is dedicated to those fathers’ of the brides who couldn’t make it because Heaven was so far away.