Shuazong and Jimmy are one of the most modest couples I’ve got the pleasure to photograph. Last year, we ventured to Lyndale Park Rose Garden for their first engagement adventure. This is where their modesty became apparent. Within this modesty though, came tons of smiles and adventurousness. I managed to get them to kiss once, I made it into a silhouette so the details of them kissing would not be so apparent. Later on, for a second engagement adventure, we went to Downtown Stillwater. Here they seemed to be a little more outgoing, I caught them kissing a couple of times. Still very modest, a wonderful trait to hold.

Shuazong and Jimmy both wanted to wait until the ceremony to see each other so I suggested for them to have a first moment together under a tree in front of Crossroads Church. It was suppose to be an intimate moment for just Shuazong and Jimmy to enjoy but a third wheel joined within minutes, a Daddy Long Leg Spider showed up and crawled into Shuazong’s dress.

Jimmy was anxiously awaiting for Shuazong to walk down the aisle… she appeared and the tears rolled down Jimmy’s cheek…