Love stories are infinite. No two weddings are ever going to be the same even if, in the photos, they look similar. Why? Well, because you are different. Because your love story is different and will always be different. I am here to help capture your love story. That love story truly unique to you. 

I am here to capture the moments you might not quite remember, the moments you might not even knew existed or maybe the moments you just want to relive. I am also here to be creative, to create beautiful photos for you to always remember and look back on. I AM HERE FOR YOU!


I am currently in the process of REVAMPING EVERYTHING!! To find my gusto as a wedding photographer... stay tuned. 


EMMA + TIM, MAY 19, 2018

Emma and Tim didn't see each nor even spoke to one another until moments before the ceremony. They hid behind the cathedral doors and read silently the letters they wrote each other. They held hands for a moment and parted ways.



Only two weeks prior to Lauren and Ryan's wedding, there was over a foot of snow that covered the Van Dusen Mansion. Lucky for us, we caught a break and the weather warmed up enough to melt all the snow.



This is one of those weddings that I will never forget. I say that not only as a wedding photographer, but more so, as a father. As a father to a daughter, each wedding I photograph reminds me of a day that I will hopefully be a part of...



The clouds were getting dark, the rain was all around... everything was pointing to a storm. The storm passed all around us, giving us beautiful, moody lighting for the intimate ceremony at the conservatory.