I first met Emma back in August 2017 over a cup of Caribou Coffee. Very nice spoken young woman who knew what she wanted. We sat outside in the warm breeze since the coffee shop was a bit busy and quite loud. We talked just over an hour and parted ways. One of the reasons why I said she was a woman who knew what she wanted was because she had contacted me that night to tell me she wanted me as her photographer. 

I then met Tim in Saint Anthony Main area for their engagement adventure around the town. He was just as sophisticated in appearance and mannerism as his counterpart Emma. I think the beard had something to do with that. You can see instantly these two were truly in love with one another. They just couldn't stop kissing. 

The day of the wedding was such an amazing day... all the ladies were busy getting ready while still having all the fun in the world. The flower girl was almost more ready for this day then Emma... she too had a beautiful white dress and tiara to make her look and feel like a princess. Emma didn't seem to mind that some of the attention was on this cute princess. 

Emma and Tim didn't see each nor even spoke to one another until moments before the ceremony. They hid behind the cathedral doors and read silently the letters they wrote each other. They held hands for a moment and parted ways. The rest of the day continued on to be a glorious day... we drove a dozen golf carts around the country club, the father of the bride gave one of the best speeches I've ever heard, and Emma and Tim got treated to one gorgeous pink and orange sunset on the hills.